Welding and positioning pins

Our supplier manufactures a wide range of positioning and welding pins for use in the automotive industry, generally associated with resistance welding processes.

We serve the automotive industry, heavy equipment manufacturers and others. The proper choice of composition and geometry of the pin provides better productivity ratios to our customers along with the consequent cost savings. We offer specialized solutions on positioning and welding pins. Our delivery time is very short since we have the material in stock. Welding and positioning pins from our manufacture has a long-life expectancy compared to other manufactures.  Denna ska funka som en sammanfattning/byt ut ord möjligtvis få in en bild.


  • Our supplier manufactures pins according to custom-made drawings including standard metric threads as well as mixed ceramic metal pins.
  • We manufacture anti-wear plates to protect sensitive areas of machines according to customer needs.
  • All products are easily adapted to existing machines.
  • Prototyping specialists.
  • You are dealing directly with the manufacturer.
  • Specialized on fast deliveries. 3-4v
  • long life expectancy


  • KZY1000 Yttria partially-stabilized zirconia (Y-TZP).
  • Nanocomposite NC2 (European patent EP2460782 / US patent 8.546.285). High toughness and better performance
  • Zirconia based materials are hard, chemically inert, stable at high temperatures, resistant to corrosion, wear and thermal shock.

Main Property

  • Extremely strong and tough
  • Not-electrically conductive
  • Non-magnetizing
  • High wear resistance
  • Low adhesion of welding spark
  • High surface finish and low friction

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