Sputtering targets

Our Spanish supplier Nanoker offers custom made sputtering targets used in Physical Vapour Deposition, PVD Technology, for the deposition of coating on materials. PVD-products are used in a lot of different areas for example solar cells, architecture glass, semiconductors, the automotive industry, in biomedical and optical applications. Different properties and the quality also depends on which material that’s used as a heatsink when performing PVD.

We offer tailor-made nonstandard sputtering targets in different materials for your individual applications and needs, some of the materials we supply are AZO (alumina-zinc-oxide) and ITO (Indium-tin-oxide). We are involved in a solar panel project and supply numerous parts such as sputtering targets. Our supplier ensures quality and expertise in their area of products. We are also involved in a project with Linköping university (LiU) and supplying them custom made sputtering targets for their experiments with different materials.

PVD is a great option if you want to produce metal based hard coatings, in the process, partially ionised metal vapour is generated by bombarding the plate with ions. Bombardment of ions excites particles from the plate, the excited particles react with certain gases and form a thin film with a specified composition on the substrates. The processes included in PVD are performed in a high vacuum environment. The typical process temperature for PVD-coatings is generally between 250-450 °C

PVD is very flexible, this method enables varieties in thickness from a few hundred nanometres up to approximately 15µm. There are several advantages with the PVD production method, it allows different materials and thicknesses of the coatings, in other words PVD is a flexible method and can be tailored for a special situation. PVD enables a large variety in characteristics for the coating type such as electrical, mechanical, optical and decorative.  PVD enables coating of non-metallic isolators, plastic and ceramic objects.

PVD – in contrast to chemical and galvanic coatings – is an environmentally friendly technology within surface treatment. This method is clean and dry, zero hazardous materials are involved and it doesn’t contaminate water or generate chemical waste. Please contact us for further information about our capabilities to manufacture custom made sputtering targets!

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