Linear bearings

We present an impressive fact that points to our leading role in the linear bearing market; we provide the smallest linear bearing that’s available in today’s market.

Our supplier is specialized in miniature high precision linear bearings and can make tailor-made solutions for your application with tolerance of diameter under the balls smaller than 8 µm. Please contact us for more information about linear bearings!


  • Comprehensive range with bore diameters from 1.5-6mm
  • Bore diameter tolerance 8/0 µm
  • Outer diameter tolerance 0/-8 µm
  • Customized designs (housing up to 30mm)
  • All stainless-steel execution
  • Reduced bore tolerances

Interested in our products or ordering?

Our suppliers manufacture to your drawings, including turned and milled components, springs, stamping parts, injection molded components in advanced plastics, sintered parts, precision ball bearings. Some of our suppliers also offer sub-assemblies. Don’t hesitate to contact us by the form to your right or by email or phone.