Cylindrical crucibles

Our supplier manufactures cylindrical crucibles with flat or rounded base in different ceramic materials. We have stock for alumina (Al203), our supplier produce cylindrical crucibles for your order in the following materials:

Zircona partially stabilized with magnesia (Mg-PSZ), tetragonal Zircona stabilized with yttria (Y-TZP), Zirconia partially stabilized with yttria (Y-PSZ), Zirconia fully stabilized with yttria (Y-FSZ), Zircon (ZrSi02), aluminium titanate (Al2Ti05) and Mullite (Al6Si2013)

RefHeight (mm)Diameter (mm)Capacity (ml)Weight (gr)Material
KAC-100221000Aluminum 99.7%
KAC-120881210Aluminum 99.7%
KAC-2030302050Aluminum 99.7%
KAC-30404030180Aluminum 99.7%
KAC-35505035300Aluminum 99.7%
KAC-40606040600Aluminum 99.7%
KAC-507575501150Aluminum 99.7%
KAC-65100100652750Aluminum 99.7%
KAC-90110110905500Aluminum 99.7%
KAC-10015515510010000Aluminum 99.7%
KAC-12520020012520000Aluminum 99.7%
KASC-100221000Aluminum 99.9%
KASC-120881210Aluminum 99.9%
KASC-2030302050Aluminum 99.9%
KASC-30404030180Aluminum 99.9%
KASC-35505035300Aluminum 99.9%
KASC-40606040600Aluminum 99.9%
KASC-507575501150Aluminum 99.9%
KASC-65100100652750Aluminum 99.9%
KASC-90110110901500Aluminum 99.9%
KASC-10015515010010000Aluminum 99.9%
KASC-12520020012520000Aluminum 99.9%

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