Curved Trays

Our supplier manufactures curved trays in different ceramics. They have stock for alumina (Al203) and produce curved trays in the following materials under request:

Magnesia partially stabilized zirconia (Mg-PSZ), yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia (Y-TZP), zirconia partially stabilized with yttria (Y-PSZ), zirconia fully stabilized with yttria (Y-FSZ), Zircon (ZrSi02), aluminium titanate (Al2Ti05) and mullite (Al6Si2013).

RefWidth (mm)Height (mm)Length (mm)Capacity (ml)Weight (gr)Material
KAE-11040/204020110690Aluminum 99.7%
KAE-11055/3055301101300Aluminum 99.7%
KASE-11040/204020110690Aluminum 99.9%
KASE-11055/3055301101300Aluminum 99.9%

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