Compression springs

Our supplier offers round wire cylindrical and conical compression springs with constant or variable pitch, in square or rectangular sections.

The production size is adaptable and may be customized to fit the needs of our clients, with production numbers ranging from tens – up to millions. Through their own network of partners, our supplier may also offer a range of different surface treatment options, available on demand.

Springs in round wire from 0.08mm-10.00mm.


  • Carbon steel wire classification: SL, SM, SH, DH according to norm EN 10270-1
  • Oil pre-tempered steel wire: FD, TD, VD Cr-Si according to norm EN 10270-2.
  • Inox steel wire: 1.4310, 1.4310H, 1.4568, 1.4404 according to EN 10270-3 and types 1.4301, 1.4539, according to EN 10088-3.
  • Copper alloys: phosphorous brass and bronze according to norm EN 12166.

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Our suppliers manufacture to your drawings, including turned and milled components, springs, stamping parts, injection molded components in advanced plastics, sintered parts, precision ball bearings. Some of our suppliers also offer sub-assemblies. Don’t hesitate to contact us by the form to your right or by email or phone.