KG Fridman AB offers a wide range of mechanical components. Thanks to our broad supplier network we can locate the right source for the parts you need. Our suppliers manufacture anything from turned and milled components to springs, stamped parts, injection molded components in advanced plastic materials, sintered parts, precision ball bearings and all in accordance with your drawings and specifications. Some of our suppliers also offer sub-assemblies.

The company was founded already in 1927 and it’s still located in Karlstad in the beautiful county of Värmland – a centrally located town in Scandinavia. We work as a sales organisation for highly qualified sub-contractors mainly located in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France and Italy.

Our idea is to help companies and designers in the Nordic countries find suitable suppliers and manufacturers of various products and articles that often are difficult to locate in this geographical area. 4 persons are working in the company and we have a good command of spoken and written English, German and French.